• Product Description

    Product Description

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    Vivo, pure badger, with safety razor, handle material made of high-grade resin black

    • 3-part shaving set with bowl, handles of high-grade resin with chromed metal accents:
    • Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades

    • Soap dish made of metal, chrome-plated

    • Stand made of metal, chrome-plated

    • The Material - High-grade resin: High-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material, the surface of which is processed and refined separately. 

    • To begin with, the aesthetic basic shapes for brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods. Then each individual work piece is polished in several passes to give the surface its special gleam. This processing method lends the models a pleasant feel and secures their beauty for many years to come.

    • Chrome: corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre. When contrasted with this, the colours and shapes of other premium materials are shown to their very best advantage.

    • The Brushhead - Pure badger: Pure badger is the basic quality among the natural hair types. The material is recognizable by its relatively dark colouring. The individual hairs are somewhat thicker, but still soft and much more flexible than bristles.

    • This quality is highly recommended for those wishing to take a badger hair brush that provides a slightly stronger massage effect. We manufacture this product mechanically according to the same high standards which we apply to all MÜHLE products.

    • The Razorhead - Classic razor blade: For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which can even shave edges with precision. 

    • Shaving brush size M = medium shaving brush head with 21 mm ring

    • Even if the open blade does demand a little respect at first: After a brief familiarisation period, and guided by a steady hand, it produces a very close shave and a lasting result. Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move. 

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Vivo 4 Piece Razor Set - Resin


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