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    Product Description

    Trimmer Guard+™™ is your trimmer's best mate & will save you money!

    Created in Australia with the highest quality cosmetic ingredients, Trimmer Guard+™ blasts away all of the unwanted hair left hanging around after a trim. Its anti-bacterial properties then work hard to break down stubborn skin oils or left over pre-shave products, to leave your trimmers completely clean & fresh every time you use them. 

    Cleaning & feeling good is just the start of what Trimmer Guard+™ will do for his mate. The secret ingredient, a scientific blend of cosmetic grade silicone, stays on the blades ready & waiting for the next time you use them. When your trimmers start up, this secret ingredient kicks in & works its magic. Its main focus is to keep the blades cool & reduce friction, which has been proven to maintain optimum performance & make the blades last significantly longer.

    NB: Most other brands use industrial silicones, the same as your mechanics would use on your car brakes, which then goes straight onto your face the next time you shave...

    With the price of blades these days being almost as high as the trimmers themself, you will make sure Trimmer Guard+™ and your trimmers stay close friends for many years to come.

    Take care of your skin, take care of your trimmers. Grab a can of Trimmer Guard+™ today!


    PLEASE NOTE: Trimmer Guard+™ can not be sent via Air Freight and is unable to be purchased using Express Post. We will send all Shaver Guard products via road delivery (Standard or Same Day Delivery).

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Product Code 009000 CLEANER

Trimmer Guard+™ Lubricant & Sanitising Cleaning Spray 90g


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Sanitise and lubricate your trimmer or groomer.

Sanitise and lubricate your trimmer or groomer.

Shop now and pay later with 4 payments of $4.24 with Afterpay. Info