Difference between Oscillation and Sonic Brushing

Apr 10. 2019 by null

Difference between Oscillation and Sonic Brushing

Now that we all know the benefits of using an Electric toothbrush vs. manual toothbrush, it’s time to find the right one for you.

“There are so many options! I just want something to brush my teeth with” –  We hear you. However, this is something you have to get right. After all you want to make sure your teeth are well looked after. 

There are two different types of electric toothbrushes out there. Oscillating brushes use a 3D cleaning action helps the brush head adapt to your teeth as it oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. On the other hand, Sonic brushes pulsate from side to side using the unique dynamic action to gently and effectively reach deep between teeth and along the gum line.

The general rule of thumb is, the more the movement the better the clean. You may immediately think oscillation is the one. However, this is not true for everyone. If you have sensitive or receding gums, the Sonic motion is much more suitable for you. It is less harsh and provides a gentle clean to ensure you do not experience irritation.

  • Our top picks for oscillation toothbrushes are the Oral B Genius 9000 or the Oral B Smart 7. The Oral B Genius 9000 features Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Tongue Cleaning and Pro-Clean modes and includes 3 brush heads and a USB chargeable travel case. The Smart 7 features Daily Clean, Sensitivity, Whitening, Gum Care and Deep Clean modes and includes 2 brush heads.

  • Our top Sonic brush picks are the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean and the Philips Sonicare Flexcare. The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean features Clean, Gum Care, Polish, Sensitive and White modes and includes 2 brush heads, a USB chargeable travel case and a charge class. The Philips Sonicare Flexcare features Clean, White and Massage modes and includes 2 brush heads.

Our entire toothbrush range can be shopped here. However, if you’re still unsure which brush is right for you, visit your local Shaver Shop to speak with one of our expert team members. 

SS tip – once you’ve chosen if you are better suited to oscillation or supersonic brushing, make sure you adopt a good oral health care regime. Floss regularly, brush for 2 mins, twice a day and regularly replace your brush heads for optimum oral health

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