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  • Traditional Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush - Rose Gold
    20% OFF
    $165.00 $132.00
  • Traditional Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush - Tortoise
    20% OFF
    $155.00 $124.00
  • Classic hand-made Shaving brush
    30% OFF
    $69.95 $48.96
  • Pure Shaving Brush
    30% OFF
    $99.95 $69.96
  • Nylon Silver Tip Shave Brush
    30% OFF
    $69.95 $48.96
  • Shave Brush
    10% OFF
    $32.00 $28.80
  • Shaving Brush

Classic Men's Shaving Brushes

If you’re serious about wet shaving & achieving the closest, smoothest and best shave possible, then you need a quality shaving brush.
Yes, it’s an old-school utensil that old-timey barbers used – as well as your great-grandfather – but there's a reason for that, and it’s still as effective today as ever!

There are plenty more advantages to using a mens shaving brush than just the badassery of lathering shaving soaps and pre-shave creams on your face:
1. A shaving brush lifts and softens the hair off the chin and face, making it much easier to shave.
2. It incorporates heat to the skin which helps to open skin pores for cleaner skin and a cleaner shave.
3. The mens shaving brush bristles gently exfoliate the skin to rid of dead cells.

Add a shaving brush to your shaving routine and take your shave from good to brilliant!