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  •   $16.95
  • The One for Men Eau De Toilette - 50mL
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    $103.00 $54.95
  • Hugo Man Eau De Toilette 75mL
    42% OFF
    $66.00 $38.00
  • Number 1 Eau De Toilette - 125mL
    56% OFF
    $109.00 $46.95
  • Intenso Pour Homme Eau De Parfum - 75mL
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    $96.00 $59.00
  • Hugo Reversed Eau De Toilette - 75mL
    41% OFF
    $77.00 $44.99
  •   $120.00
  • No.10 Cleansing Scrub - 100mL
    Made In UK
  • No. 10 Sensitive Skincare Gift Set
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    $75.00 $59.00
  •   $106.00

Men's Post Electric Shave Accessories

Post Electric Shave Cream, Lotion & Balm: Here’s Why You Need To Use Them.

The perfect shave routine doesn't finish when the shaving stops; It's important you invest in post shave accessories such as creams and lotions to keep your skin soft, hydrates and clear. The best shaving rituals come in threes:
1) Pre Shave
2) Shave
3) Post Shave

Without a quality post-shave balm you’re further drying out your skin which can lead to irritation and if you suffer from acne, you run the risk of aggravating this further. The other reason you should be using a post-shave lotions or cream is that it helps to soothe, repair and refresh skin so you’re not left with razor burn.

Make your post shave routine easy and suited to you with our selected post electric shave accessories & products to suit every type of skin and hair type.