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Pre Shave Oil, Cream & Lotion For Men

The best shaving routine begins before the physical act of shaving; It's vital you apply pre shave accessories such as pre shave oils, creams and lotions to prepare your skin and prime for the best results. Just like a crowd, the best shaving rituals come in threes:
1) Pre Shave
2) Shave
3) Post Shave

Most men ask the same question when faced with the debacle of pre-shaving steps: Well, what do pre shave oils and creams actually do?

The answer: Pre-shave cream is similar to the conditioner you use in the shower after you shampoo your hair. These before shaving creams, oils and lotions keep your hair healthy, soft & prevent it from becoming dry to ease the shaving process.

Trust us, you'll thank us afterwards once you start using pre shave applications, and you'll never look back!