Advanced Circulation Booster


Advanced Circulation Booster

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Product Information

  • Registered medical device
  • Reduce swollen feet and ankles, improve leg circulation and alleviate tired and aching legs


Why is good circulation important?

Use REVITIVE Advanced for 20 minutes daily and feel the difference in yourself.

Great health and an active lifestyle require good circulation. Our body’s cells depend on healthy circulation to deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to feed them, and to remove deoxygenated blood and waste from our system.

If you experience poor circulation due to age, a sedentary life style, illness or a disability the symptoms can affect your wellbeing and prevent you from doing the things you love.


Healthy leg circulation – your second heart

Your leg muscles are what we call the ‘second heart’ and they work a clever but simple system to help pump blood around the body.

Working against gravity, your leg muscles continually push blood through one way valves in the veins up through your feet and legs and back to the heart.


How does REVITIVE work?

REVITIVE activates your second heart by applying Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the soles of your feet through two large foot pads.

This EMS makes the foot and calf muscles contract and relax to create a pumping action. Consequently the blood immediately moves through the veins in your legs and back to your heart


What is the IsoRocker?

The IsoRocker gently and involuntarily allows ankle joint movement, a key biomechanical movement. It is like doing heel and toe raises.


What do WidePulse waveforms do?

New specially designed WidePulse waveforms are our latest advance in blood circulation science. These exclusive waveforms give a longer burst of stimulation and a longer pause between the next burst.

If you imagine your leg muscles are like a sponge submerged in water. When you squeeze the sponge the water is squeezed out and when you let go of the sponge it refills.

If you constantly squeeze and release the sponge quickly then limited water fills the sponge. This is similar to the muscles in your legs. If there is no time for the blood to flow into the vein before the next muscle contraction then this limits the blood moving through the legs.

REVITIVE Advanced incorporates a longer pause to allow the most amount of blood to move through the leg before the next contraction.


What results can you expect?

REVITIVE Advanced has been developed and tested by researchers at leading UK universities. It has been shown to increase blood flow, actively improving circulation and reduce pain, and swelling, in the legs & feet.

  • Reduce swelling in lower legs and feet
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase oxygenated blood in the lower legs to help speed recovery from inactivity†

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