SmoothSkin Gold Permanent IPL Hair Removal


SmoothSkin Gold Permanent IPL Hair Removal

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Fast, Safe & Easy to Use

Discover an  unparalleled beauty experience with the new SmoothSkin Gold IPL hair removal device. The SmoothSkin Gold has been designed with unique features so you can have simple, relaxed and effective treatments in the comfort of your own home.


SmoothSkin Gold Features

  • Fast and powerful – the fastest and most powerful device on the market. At its fastest, the time between flashes is less than 1 second which means you can treat large areas quickly.

  • Simple and safe– Making complex technology simple. There’s no need for gel and it boasts dual treatment modes, making the home hair removal experience quick and easy.

  • Detect and Set – with technology and safety at its core, SmoothSkin Gold automatically detects your skin tone for the safest and most effective results.

  • 120,000 flashes – meaning you can treat your body with it for up to 6 years.

  • Glide and Stamp Treatment Modes – to cover small and large areas.

  • Gentle mode – for those with sensitive skin, this reduces the energy released from the device.


Treatment Regime

SmoothSkin Gold is proven by ethically approved clinical trials. Our clinical trials demonstrate noticeable hair reduction after just 3 treatments. For best results, we recommend a 12 week regime followed by monthly maintenance treatments as required.


Treatment Times

Everybody’s hair is completely different. Different colour, thickness and density means some people will see results faster than others and will experience hair removal at different stages. Depending on which areas you are treating the time can vary, but ultimately the SmoothSkin Gold is the fastest home-use IPL device giving you a unique beauty experience. You can treat the whole body in less than 20 minutes.Body Parts

  • Lower legs: 8.75 min

  • Upper legs: 8.75 min

  • Underarm: 0.82 min

  • Bikini line: 0.88 min

  • Upper lip: 0.05 min

Total Time: 19.25


Our treatment regime should keep your skin continuously hair-free leaving you with flawless, silky smooth skin.

  • The fastest and most powerful consumer IPL hair removal device on the market. Use for less than 20 minutes once a month to be continuously hair free.

  • 94% of women said they would use SmoothSkin Gold as their normal hair reduction regime.

  • Recommended by skincare professionals and you- 96% of women trialled would recommend SmoothSkin Gold to their friends.

  • In clinical trials, after 12 weeks, the subjects had an average 83% less hair

How does IPL work?

SmoothSkin Gold is designed to help break the cycle of hair growth.

  1. The light energy is transferred through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair shaft.

  2. The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which disables the hair follicle preventing further growth.

  3.  Treated hairs naturally fall out over the course of a few days to 1-2 weeks.


Is it suitable for me?

Due to its unique Detect and Set feature SmoothSkin Gold is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Our device automatically selects the right setting for you giving an accurate personalised treatment. Essentially, all the hard work is done for you so that treatments are simple and straightforward.

SmoothSkin Gold is not recommended for use on red, grey or very light (blonde) hair.

Pack Includes:

  • SmoothSkin Gold Device

  • Power supply

  • User Manual

  • Quick Start User Guide

  • Support Programme Guide

  • Storage bag

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Repetition rate: Manually pulsed every 1 to 2 seconds (dependant on treatment setting)

Voltage: 100-240v

Treatment window: 3cm2 (30mm x 10mm)



90 Day Trial Offer

When you purchase an iPulse Smooth Skin Gold, you can take advantage of a 90-day trial offer. This entitles you to claim your money back, if you are not entirely satisfied with the performance of your product purchase (subject to Terms and Conditions). Click here to view trial form.


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